Just the right mixture of learning, sightseeing and enjoying everything - sun, nature, food.

English school for adults in the Channel Islands

This course has been specifically designed for German employees who are entitled up to two weeks paid leave to study at a government-approved educational establishment and wish to attend one- or two-week courses.
Each week has 30hrs of contact teaching time providing students with the opportunity to improve General and Communicative English through the use of coursebooks and class project work.

2023 Available Dates

Individuals: all year round
Groups: May, June and September

Just the right mixture of learning, sightseeing and enjoying everything - sun, nature, food.




Typical Itinerary

Typically, lessons will start at 9 am with a break mid-morning. during your lunch hour, you will be able to explore the very center of St Peter Port or enjoy a stroll along the seafront. Lessons will then resume until 4.30pm. In the evening you will have a change to relax and socialize with other students and continue practicing your English.

Your teacher will make sure the program is followed as per the directive required by Bilidungsurlaub and will help you developing your vocabulary and mastering of the language. Project work will help you building confidence, self- esteem, and autonomy as well as improving your language skills, content learning, and cognitive abilities.

Evening activities example
Monday: Welcome Drinks at local pub*
Wednesday: Cinema
Thursday: Dinner & Drinks at local pub**
Weekend: Day Trip to Herm or Sark*** (optional)

* First drink is free.
** Food & drink costs not included (expect to pay approximately £25-30).
*** Day trip prices start from £14 for Herm and £30 for Sark (boat return ticket) – activities subject to seasonal closures.

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Bildungsurlaub Courses with the Channel Islands' English Academy

Guernsey is the perfect place to spend your Bildungsurlaub Educational Leave and rapidly improve your English skills At Channel Islands English Academy, we are proud to be able to offer a Bildungsurlaub course that will help you to improve and put your English skills into action. With both a one week and two-week option available, you are able to select the best one to match your employer’s requirements.

Our qualified EFL teachers are friendly and professional and know how to develop every student’s language learning so that they can reach their potential across all areas from speaking, writing, reading, and listening to vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

Our advantage of being located on a small island is that we have expert knowledge of what is available and will craft courses which perfectly combine EFL with activities to suit your individual learning and holiday needs.

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