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Small learning groups

School Groups

15 - 25 hours per week | from £225 per person

School Groups

15 - 25 hours per week | from £225 per person

The students were warmly welcomed and they shared real quality moments with their host families.

Organized trips for school groups in the Channel Island with optional English lessons

Guernsey is a beautiful little island with spectacular scenery, beautiful sandy beaches, dramatic coastal views, and plenty to do outdoors – but don’t forget, we also have a rich and unique history to explore!

Its relaxed pace of life and its safety make the island the perfect place to bring young students on a school trip.

Whether it’s Victor Hugo’s life on the island, the German Occupation in WWII, a marine and bio-diversity project which interests you, or you want your students to do some extra English classes; we can organize the ideal stay for your students and your school. Additional outdoor or indoor activities are available on-demand (cricket, swimming, paintballing, kayaking, etc.)

Our host families offer a warm, safe and welcoming environment for your students to experience English family life!

how many days can we stay2022-03-19T08:28:28+00:00

the length of the stay is up to each school but a minimum of 2 nights and 3 days is recommended

can the students be hosted in a family2022-03-19T08:19:49+00:00

yes of course, this is one of the advantages of us organizing your stay as your students can experience the culture first hand by staying with our lovely families; we can place 2 or more students per family so they feel more at ease however we can also place some students individually if they prefer

can teachers stay in a hotel2022-03-19T08:27:59+00:00

yes they can, we can help with their booking in a hotel taking into consideration your budget or they can also stay in host families

will be transport at arrival and departure provided2022-03-19T08:23:54+00:00

yes we will always make sure to welcome our groups and accompany them when they leave; our host families will welcome your students at arrival if late afternoon or we will leave your luggage in storage and after some visits we will meet the hosts at the port or near our school with your luggage; for teachers we can arrange taxis if they are staying at a hotel

how will we travel on the island2022-03-19T08:23:58+00:00

we will provide everyone with a bus card to go from the host family to the meeting point and back every day; to visit the island we can also use piblic transport or private coach, this will be agreed with you

what do we need to do to secure our booking2022-03-19T08:24:44+00:00

you will need to pay a deposit of 25% of the total to secure your booking; terms and conditions will apply – bookings are on a first come first served basis

we don’t know the island, will we have help going around2022-03-19T08:24:36+00:00

yes, we will always have at least one of our leaders coming with you making sure everything runs smoothly

can our students learn English while on the island2022-03-19T08:24:40+00:00

depending on the length of your stay we can also provide English group lessons with our teachers

when should we book2022-03-19T08:24:28+00:00

the sooner the better as we have limited space – Victor Hugo House doesn’t usually open before April and closes end of September

what else can we do on the island2022-03-19T08:24:20+00:00

there are many places of interest on the island, from Castle Cornet to the Occupation Museum, we can suggest many locations according to your interest and length of stay; we can also arrange for sport activities such as cricket, kayaking or else.

will you book Victor Hugo house visit for us2022-03-19T08:24:14+00:00

yes we will, the sooner you book the better as Vitor Hugo house is very much in demand, we then arrange the rest of your stay around the booked visits. We can bespoke your visits according to your school projects such us the second world war or Renoir or Victor Hugo times

2023 Available Dates

From end of March to end of June and September to October

For school groups who are interested in learning English and take advantage of their governments subsidized language programs we offer also our Summer program from June to September with 15 or 25 hour English lessons per week and afternoon activities. Other times of the year are also available.

The students were warmly welcomed and they shared real quality moments with their host families.

School Groups

School Groups

Typical Itinerary

Programme Example – 3 days –  Price / student for 3 days is £210.

  • Guided tour of St. Peter Port (in French or English)
  • Half-Day Island Bus Tour (Fort Grey museum included)
  • Candie Gardens and Victoria Tower Fish & Chips
  • Castle Cornet & Bluebell Woods Visit to Victor Hugo House
  • Shopping Time
  • Host Family for Students* Les Cotils Hotel for Teachers*
    *breakfast/packed lunch/dinner included
    Price depends on activities chosen and student numbers as well as days visiting.

2022 Available Dates

From end of March to end of June and September to October

For school groups who are interested in learning English as well we offer also our Summer program from June to September with 15 or 25 hour English lessons per week and afternoon activities.

Who should Learn English in the Channel Islands

On behalf of all the team at Channel Islands English Academy, I/ we would personally like to welcome you to our school. We started in 1990 with just a handful of students, and today we now welcome over 250 EFL students every year from every corner of the world.
The Channel Islands English Academy is a spin-off of Accent Language School, which offers foreign language tuition for everyone from pre-school children to university students and specialised courses for businesses or adults looking to learn a language for their holidays. We established the EFL side of the business soon after, and children and adolescents flocked to the island for our summer school. Over time we have updated the activities and modernised our teaching resources, but the core of the summer school has stayed the same, and the island’s natural charm continues to attract groups – young and old alike – from all over Europe and beyond, many of whom have developed strong ties with Guernsey and their host families.
Our qualified EFL teachers are friendly and professional and know how to develop every student’s language learning so that they can reach their potential. Our staff understand that younger students may experience homesickness and are trained in offering learners support where necessary.
Whatever you are looking for, we will accommodate. Our advantage of being located on a small island is that we have expert knowledge of what is available and will craft courses which perfectly combine EFL with activities to suit your individual learning and holiday needs.
Guernsey’s location near the French coast makes it a popular choice for French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian learners, who can cross from St Malo in under 2 hours via ferry. Alternatively, our airport has airlines with routes to and from London Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Jersey, Southampton, Cherbourg and more. Guernsey and its cluster of islands boast beautiful beaches and coastal cliffs as well as vast natural habitats, and there is plenty to see and do here in terms of sports and water-based activities, walking routes and nature trails, gastronomical experiences, or cultural enrichment.
We collaborate with Guernsey’s silver and gold accredited guides who have undertaken rigorous evaluations and regularly to provide a myriad of tailor-made tours and trips to showcase the island’s extensive heritage and history. There are many well-preserved sites of local history spanning from the Neolithic period to medieval churches and bunkers from the Second World War. If you want to visit Herm’s sandy beaches or experience Sark’s breathtaking scenery. We will organise this for you in advance depending on your location and interests so you can sit back and not worry about planning on arrival.
Every student is a valued member of our Academy. You’ll always be welcomed back.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Anna Lisa & the CIEA team.

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